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"When the solution is simple, God is answering."   Albert Einstein


"THE AWAKENED HEART SYSTEM" is a holistic, life changing system that assists in achieving harmony, empowerment and balance in body, mind and spirit. Buffy Bernhardt has combined her own wisdom with traditional and the latest psychological technologies and systems (positive psychology, CBT, mindfulness, etc.). This site provides a blueprint of deep healing and transformation for the journey through life. I have been referring clients to Buffy for many years. Her gentle care and professional wisdom, helps one to emerge stronger, enabling one to be handle life's challenges and growth opportunities with clarity and empowerment. She has a special gift to help her clients process past traumas, unresolved issues and inspire self growth through her deep wisdom.               Valeriana Pasqua Masback, CNM, Midwife  http://www.homebirthmidwifery.com/

Buffy is a gentle and gifted teacher and healer. I have personally worked with her and referred many clients to her over the years. Her guidance through positive and challenging moments on the self growth journey have been powerful and transformative. In working directly with her, she has helped me change the way I approach life and myself, and has taught me to put my past behind me, so that I can move forward in a joyful, positive way. My life has been totally transformed since working with "THE AWAKENED HEART SYSTEM".  --A.B. International Doula

Although our sessions have been on Skype, Buffy's warm and loving manner makes me feel like I am being welcomed into her presence in person. Although I have been to many therapists and personal coaches, I have never experienced such radical healing and life change in such a short amount of time. Buffy has the rare gift of an expansive plethora of techniques and knowledge, making the sessions rich in growth and healing. I will be forever grateful, as she has helped change my life forever. --M.I.

Upon working with Buffy, we clicked from the minute we met each other. Her warmth, insight and expertise were so evident each session. With "THE AWAKENED HEART SYSTEM", Buffy used numerous interventions and methods to help me find order, peace of mind and heal clinical depression. She also helped me build a support system. She helped me find myself once again, to live a depression free life, one of empowerment and balance. I will be forever grateful to her for helping me totally transform my life.  --A.F.

The Skype sessions with Buffy and "THE AWAKENED HEART SYSTEM", was truly a life-changing and transformational experience. I learned how to heal my anger and negative emotions, and stay calm and non-reactive in many of life’s storms. She taught me how to become a true observer, make positive choices, which enabled me to heal my life and relationships. I have learned to recognize old wounds and patterns from my past and move onto to create a beautiful, harmonious life. I have been given powerful tools that have changed my life forever. --G.M.

Google Reviews: *****

A.B.: Buffy for me has been the safest place to go for support. She has helped me through the landscape of my life, helping me understand myself, go deep into fears and blocks and always giving me tools to unlock, shed and develop love for myself.

W.J.: I have been to therapists at others times in my life, and I wish I had found Buffy years earlier. Her understanding and ability to assist with the inner workings of the mind, heart, and spirit are unlike the capabilities of any other.

E.C.: I have been working with Buffy for several years now. She is such an amazingly talented therapist. I was struggling with anxiety, depression, grief and low self-esteem. Through my work with her, I have found much more joy.

W.W.: Best place to go for compassionate, on-target help with personal and professional concerns. I always feel better after talking through difficult situations with insightful therapist, Buffy Bernhardt. I have learned many useful tools for moving forward with greater fulfillment and happiness. Thank you Buffy!

J.P.: I have been working with Buffy for over 10 years. Amazing....her approach grounds me completely - body, mind and spirit. And she provides effective tools that I can apply to heal and empower myself in real life situations.

I.B.: Buffy is a Fordham and Harvard trained therapist. Her Skype sessions and clinical skills are impeccable and she uses a humanistic and holistic approach in her sessions. She has a wide array of tools in her toolbox and she conducts each session with true compassion and love.

B.W.: Buffy has been a blessing for me and my family. She is truly a special person. We are very thankful.

C.B.: I had a wonderful, life changing experience working with Buffy. She is very compassionate, insightful and fair. She pushes for accountability which will ensure results!

"THE AWAKENED HEART SYSTEM" is a system of healing and transformation that guides you into a life of self mastery. It gives you the keys to have control over what you feel, no matter what occurs in your life. Through outstanding counseling skills, support and wisdom, Buffy Bernhardt provides a blueprint of consciousness for the journey into self growth. I have referred clients to Buffy for many years. Her gentle care and professional wisdom helps us emerge stronger and more connected to ourselves, our lives and others. She has a special gift of resolving issues and life challenges, and of inspiring personal joy, harmony and an empowered life.                                                                                       Debra Pascali-Bonaro, (international doula) B.Ed., LCCE, BDT/PDT (DONA).   Director Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret, Author and Inspirational Speaker.   www.debrapascalibonaro.com        www.orgasmicbirth.com