3 SECRETS TO HAPPINESS: LEARN..........GROW...........EMPOWER YOURSELF...................................................... POSITIVITY IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT.

1- LEARN: Life is our teacher. I believe that life provides both difficult and positive opportunities for learning and growth. This system helps to change lives and affect change. We learn to develop personal insight and to work on ourselves.

      PART 1: The first part of this system examines these hurdles in depth.

      PART 2: the second part of this system looks for the lesson to be learned.

      PART 3: the third part is creating a "toolbox" of tools that offer skills and practices to be able to heal, resolve and provide positive mental health and powerful well being.

2- GROW: Life is a schoolroom for growth. I offer not only the caring and safe environment in which you can share your issues, but also a powerful toolbox of tools and skills that support your new ways of being with yourself, your life and others. I often see people who have been in therapy and arrived at a place where they are not growing and moving on. Clients often say: "I have been in therapy for a while, looked at all my background and personal issues, but now don't know how to proceed to create a new story for myself, with new ways of being, new techniques for creating a powerful life.

This process is about positive growth, changing old beliefs, behaviors and paradigms that no longer work for you, so that you can create a whole new you. This process is about looking at the lessons that lie hidden within each experience, so that you can learn and grow. 

3- EMPOWER YOURSELF: LIFE IS A SCHOOLROOM FOR GROWTH. We just have to find the keys to open these doors so we can empower ourselves. Together we will discover the keys that will open whole new ways of living the life you envision for yourself. The therapeutic techniques I use are all geared towards a positive and growth promoting approach.