The heart of this system is focused on listening deeply, compassionately to who each person is, how they experience life, and what their goals are for healing and growth.


THE AWAKENED HEART SYSTEM © integrates traditional psychotherapy with holistic, body-mind growth techniques designed for self mastery. For over 20 years, Buffy Bernhardt, Harvard/Fordham trained, has been helping clients heal their lives and create resolving difficult past and and present life challenges, negative behaviors, beliefs and emotions, stress, self esteem, relationships. Allow me to use my intuitive and seasoned skills to tailor-make each session for you, according to your needs, where you will feel safe and share your concerns. 

ACHIEVE A HEALTHIER YOU: I create a safe, healing environment, and work on a heart-felt level to help you achieve a healthier you: *better relationships, *unblock issues that keep you from the true expression of your essential self, *grow in self understanding, *heal core wounds that create painful patterns, *learn new coping skills *alleviate suffering and distress, *discover your personal strengths, *manifest your dreams.

SESSIONS MAY INCLUDE: discussion, processing, goal and achievement setting, guided meditation and imagery, inner child journeying, affirmative statements and intentions and other holistic techniques that promote personal awareness and positive growth.

TECHNIQUES that may be used: traditional, humanistic, mindfulness, transpersonal, positive psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, psychosynthesis, shamanic, deep inner child techniques, past life regression. 

PEOPLE COME TO ME FOR VARIOUS REASONS: *individual therapy *couples therapy *depression *anxiety *phobias *emotional imbalance *self esteem *life crisis *grief counseling *challenging life issues *heal past wounds *life transition *stuckness in life *relationships *codependency *personal coaching *personal/spiritual growth *women on the pregnancy journey.

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY: this is your own personal and private space, where you can feel free to express honestly and openly your concerns and issues that are troubling you. Together we will explore your past, come to understand the patterns and beliefs that contribute to your story today. I create a trusting environment where you will be able to feel more ease and harmony as you develop deeper insight into your journey of healing and self growth. 

COUPLES THERAPY: Yearning to refresh and renew your relationship? Need tools to learn to communicate in a solid and healthy, non-reactive way? Wondering where the romance went? Needing help in ending your relationship, in how to care for the children's needs after the breakup? In couples therapy I can help you stabilize, rebuild and restore your relationship, pave the way for a harmonious separation/divorce...and help build a toolbox for a healthy and productive journey.

THE AWAKENED HEART SYSTEM© involves 5 basic components: 

1)  BUILD A TOOLBOX: together we will practice techniques that help to alleviate distress, calm the troubled mind, and balance the nervous system. Research has shown that practices such as stress reduction, mindfulness, meditation, visualization techniques can instill harmony, create a positive mind, benefit those with:

*depression *anxiety *stress *mood swings, emotional imbalance *hypertension *insomnia *heart disease *chronic pain.

2) TRAIN THE MIND: through creating a "toolbox" of practices, the mind can learn to become still, so that you can intentionally chose positive thoughts, words and behaviors......and hear the still small voice within, wherein lie all the answers to life. These tools heal and shift negative and reactive behavior, and create positivity, joy and harmony.

3) LOVE YOURSELF: learn to honor, respect and cherish your own self: this allows you to move into the compassionate heart towards yourself and others.

4) FOCUS: you become what you focus upon. By learning to focus on intentional thoughts, behavior, goals, you begin to create a life you want....... a life of happiness, balance and fulfillment. When you find yourself in a negative state of fear, anger, confusion, shift your focus to something positive and productive, and you will change your state.

5) SELF INQUIRY: by learning to inquire into your inner world of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviors, you begin to discover the many lessons for growth that lie within seemingly challenging and sometimes difficult issues.

6) WHO AM I: the most ancient spiritual question. You are not your name, body, job, role, your stories, your suffering etc. This work assists you in uncovering your true nature, your essential self. Your True Self is made of joy, strength, harmony, balance.

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: to contact Buffy, email or call: 828 505-1309


*Wednesday-Thursday: 9:30 am - 7:00 pm

*Friday: 9:30 am - 1:00 pm      *Saturday: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm