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Tired of being stressed out, depressed, anxious or stuck?.... stressed in relationships, work, life, family, your self? Tired of having a negative mind set? Struggling with transition, loss, grief? Not getting the results you want in your life?

Or.....perhaps you are in need of coaching, finding direction/purpose, searching for deeper meaning in our life. Yearning for happiness, success, peace of mind? Welcome to this website, where the work offered here is designed to help you find answers to these issues, help bring you into a harmonious, joyful and fulfilled life. 

People come to me for different reasons: *individual therapy *couples therapy *depression *anxiety *emotional imbalance *phobias *self esteem *life crisis *grief counseling *heal past wounds *life transition *relationships *family *codependency *personal life coaching *personal/spiritual growth *women on the pregnancy journey.

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Learn to live from your deepest truth. This coaching method is designed to empower you and help you access your essential self, so that you can serve in the world in a greater way.

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I offer a new and visionary approach to therapy called THE AWAKENED HEART SYSTEM ©, which combines traditional, spiritual and new wave approaches to wellness and personal growth. The work is a highly interactive partnership of support, inspiration and profound healing.  Read more... ›


You will discover unique opportunities to grow, heal, inspire and learn through this blog. It includes articles and information by master teachers from east and west, who share their wisdom on the journey towards self mastery. 

In the core of your being, there is an abundance of talent, wisdom and boundless love. Come explore with us the inner landscape of your own magnificence.  Read more... › 

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          Buffy Bernhardt, LMSW, Director of NCC, is a Harvard, Fordham trained, New York state master social worker, with 26 years of advanced training and experience in numerous therapeutic modalities. (see "About Buffy" at top of page for more).                                                                                                           

          "The best & most beautiful things in the world must be touched by the heart."  Helen Keller                               

"THE AWAKENED HEART SYSTEM" is a system of healing and transformation that guides you into a life of self mastery. It gives you the keys to have control over what you feel, no matter what occurs in your life. Through outstanding counseling skills, support and wisdom, Buffy Bernhardt provides a blueprint of consciousness for the journey into self growth. I have referred clients to Buffy for many years. Her gentle care and professional wisdom helps us emerge stronger and more connected to ourselves, our lives and others. She has a special gift of resolving issues and life challenges, and of inspiring personal joy, harmony and an empowered life.            Debra Pascali-Bonaro: (international doula) B.Ed., LCCE, BDT/PDT (DONA). Director Orgasmic Birth Movie: The Best-Kept Secret; Author and Inspirational Speaker.

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