THE AWAKENED HEART approach is part of the “New medicine” “new psychology”  movement. It is a holistic approach, that examines the whole person, body, mind, spirit. It is about enrichment of the spiritual or inner life, empowerment, fulfillment, balance, with emphasis on training the mind to support the well being of the spirit and quality of life. Although it works deeply with the shadow aspects of the individual, it is not merely a system that resolves issues. It views the shadow self as an opportunity for growth and development.

Dr. Martin Seligman, professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, founder of the Positive Psychology movement, and past president of the American Psychological Assoc, says: “positive psychology seeks to make normal life more fulfilling, rather than merely treating mental illness.” This approach is primarily concerned with using the psychological theory, research and intervention techniques to understand the positive, adaptive, creative and emotional fulfilling aspects of human behavior.

This is a therapeutic model based on the “new medicine”: of spirituality, heart-mind connection, shadow work, truth, wellness, growth, empowerment, self awareness, relaxation, imagery, body mind practices. In this work, the whole system of life is considered to be spiritual and sacred. The whole person, body, mind and spirit is examined, not just mental functions and behaviors. Psychotherapy and spirituality are considered to be two parts of the whole.

This work includes the whole spectrum of spirituality, including:  contemplative-bodymind, heart-mind practices, self inquiry, universal truths, training the mind and awakening the heart, religion and spiritual/truth paths. It addresses the entry level and seasoned person on a quest for resolving issues and seeking truth. The energetic power of higher truth, love, childlike openness, God/Spirit is what is active in this process, which enables profound healing to take place. I am clearly not the expert, but merely a conduit for the higher heart mind.

I see people with issues for depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, relationship, the woman’s pregnancy journey, spiritual transformation, life coaching, and general life chaos and brokenness. This process of integrating spirituality into psychotherapy has been highly successful with clients addressing issues of relationship, stress, depression, anxiety, addictions, abuse, trauma, some physical 

This earth is seen as a schoolroom for growth and evolution. The goal on earth is to learn to live and align with higher truths/God/all that is good. The psycho-spiritual journey is the path of inner inquiry, shadow exploration in which one’s issues are examined, one’s true essence and higher self is revealed, and a personal co-creative relationship with spirit/higher power is developed. The client’s limiting psychology, or shadow or false self is examined in order to facilitate access to the powerhouse of the truth that lies within, or spirit, or higher self.

The goal of this work is to assist others in examining the whole person, to awaken and return to the essential self, wherein lies the opportunity for healing brokenness, for transcendence, peace, joy, love, fulfillment, taking personal responsibility. One of the outcomes of this approach is that it turns ordinary life into one of fulfillment, empowerment, inspiration and growth. 

Every one of my clients, without exception, is in a spiritual crisis, and is grappling with the same underlying issue: a disconnect from the essential or higher self and from the spirit that moves through all things/God. To access an enhanced life of healing and transformation, one must begin an inner spiritual quest of self enrichment and self inquiry, which combines both psychology and spirituality.